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What's FreePop?

Dead. Unfortunately, I've lost all motivation to work on it. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I'm leaving all the stuff here, in case it amuses anyone, or in case someone finds any of it useful. If you are looking for some code to make an isometric game out of, feel free to have a look (and use) any of FreePop's code/media. If you use it, or if you have any questions, please let me know:

Okay... Then What Was FreePop?

FreePop is a computer game based on the classic Populous I and II games by Bullfrog. It aspires to be an improvement on the original games by having better gampeplay and improved graphics, and by being open source!

OK, So What's Populous?

For those of you who were trapped in a cave sometime around 1990, Populous is a series of games developed by Bullfrog Productions, the premise being that you and your opponent are supernatural beings whose power depends on the number and stength of your respective followers. You battle your opponent using your powers - such as the summoning of natural disasters and the ability to coax the will of your followers - in order to destroy the followers of the other player. The winner is the god with remaining followers.


From The Latest Release

FreePop 0.6.0 Shot 1 - 108KB (2005-02-20) FreePop 0.6.0 Shot 2 - 81KB (2005-02-20)

From Older Releases

FreePop 0.5.0 Shot 1 - 186KB (2004-08-15) FreePop 0.4.0 Shot 1 - 183KB (2003-01-17)

FreePop 0.3.0 Shot 1 - 39KB (2002-10-27) FreePop 0.1.7 Shot 1 - 25KB (2002-08-31)


As of 0.6.0, it's not quite a game, yet. Multiplayer capability and a few basic effects exist, but there are currently no rules for starting and winning/losing games. The GUI is still pretty basic and there are no sounds. But land manipulation is in good shape, and the infrastructure necessary for a number of yet-to-be-implemented effects is in place.


FreePop needs ClanLib 0.8 and Boost. It is also a bit heavy on the display, so even through it's a 2D game, a 3D card with hardware alpha-blending acceleration comes in handy.


Get the most recent release here: freepop-0.6.0.tar.gz (5591570 bytes)

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